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  • Marlboro Music: Five Cottages, designed by HGA

    These cedar-clad dwellings for music residents in Marlboro, Vt., take an iconic house form and update it with minimal detailing and a palette of local materials.

  • The Question of Licensure: Seven Years is Enough

    It takes an advanced degree and 8.5 years of internship on average to get licensed. A group of professors, spearheaded by Renée Cheng, thinks it can all be done in seven years.

  • Lakewood Mausoleum, designed by HGA

    Built into a hillside in one of Minneapolis’s most historic cemeteries, this glass-and-granite structure fuses with the landscape in a respectful, yet uncoventional, take on this building type.

  • Recovery Rooms

    Designers are building substance-abuse treatment facilities with an eye toward evidence-based trends and livability.

  • Typology: Synagogues

    Jewish houses of worship see modest growth as congregations seek more social spaces.