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  • 17 Days Later

    London officials are leveraging their infrastructure spending on the so-called Neo-Austerity Olympics to help revitalize one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Critic Christopher Hawthorne weighs their chances for success, and at what cost.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Modeling future scenarios in an ongoing energy crisis.

  • PV Tech Experts

    The race to harvest solar energy efficiently is rivaled by the struggle to stay on top of new photovoltaic technologies.

  • The YAF Turns 20

    For two decades, the Young Architects Forum has helped emerging designers network and grow professionally.

  • Project Haiti

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti / HOK

  • HOK

    How a blog helped personalize this multinational firm.

  • Design by Numbers

    Many firms have already realized research’s importance in wooing clients and securing projects.

  • Face to Facebook

    Some architects have embraced social media and telecommunications, but others struggle to discern the actual benefits.

  • Product Architect: Paul Wilhelms and Matt Snelling

    HOK Product Design devised a curb-based enclosure for rainwater.

  • Retro Grades

    Benchmarking laws point toward a new industry in retrofitting existing buildings for compliance.