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  • A Coating that Detects Defects in Concrete

    Researchers from North Carolina State University and the University of Eastern Finland have developed a system of electrodes and a sensing skin that spots and images cracks in concrete surfaces.

  • Battle of the 'Bots

    The next frontier of construction robots wants to work for you. These five machines are being primed by their developers to work on even the most rugged jobsites in the not-so-distant future.

  • The Transformative Potential of Local Warming

    An exhibition by MIT’s Senseable City Lab at this year's International Architectural Biennale showcases sensor technology that aims to reduce a building's energy load with localized heating and cooling.

  • A Rundown of the Latest Concrete Products, Research, and Applications

    Concrete is beginning to shake its reputation for extensive embodied energy and minimal design appeal with innovations that make it lighter and more resilient and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Deep Dive

    Tracing the legacy of architect Robert R. Taylor.

  • 2009 Architect 50 - No. 1 - William Rawn Associates

    The story of how William Rawn became an architect will sound familiar to most other architects—at least the beginning of it.