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  • Sustainable Stays

    Today's green hotels meet performance goals without compromising the guest experience.

  • Certified Legal

    Spelling out the letter of the law regarding sustainable design.

  • Best-Laid Plans

    Energy modeling is for everyone and all buildings benefit.

  • LEED to Recognize BREEAM Energy Credits

    The USGBC will recognize energy credits from the United Kingdom’s green-building rating program in LEED 2009 certification applications.

  • Material Culture

    How much do you know about the materials that you're using?

  • Report: Green Buildings Can Play Role in Disaster Preparedness

    Designing climate sensitivity and adaptation into long-term structures can increase resilience against natural disasters and climate change, according to a new report from the USGBC and the University of Michigan.

  • SMART Technologies Headquarters

    A sleek office suits a cutting-edge tech company.

  • Transforming Medicine

    The new hospital at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center aims to reshape how care is delivered.

  • Healthy By Design

    Healthcare architects are focusing on how their clients' sustainable-building goals overlap with their therapeutic missions.

  • A Natural Stance

    The Bow seeks to redefine the role of sustainability in human wellness and a happier workplace.