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    Critics have blasted Poundbury's aesthetics. But some forward-looking principles are driving this English town's design.

  • Springtime for Speer

    Léon Krier has republished his controversial 1985 book on Albert Speer. In it, Krier attempts to reconcile his contempt for industrialization with his love of the Nazi architect's work.

  • Q+A: Peter Eisenman and Léon Krier Talk Albert Speer

    Léon Krier's newly republished book on Nazi architect Albert Speer argues that a war criminal can be a great artist. Peter Eisenman sits down with Krier to challenge that claim.

  • Big Jim

    Functionalist, Brutalist, Postmodernist: Who Was James Frazer Stirling?

  • Leon Krier Goes Green

    A guiding light of the New Urbanism, Leon Krier proclaims himself an environmentalist in Drawing for Architecture, a new collection of his famous, often satirical "doodles" concerning design.