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  • Some Fine Print

    Information and some background about ARCHITECT and Hanley Wood's new media association with the AIA.

  • The New Guy at the NEA

    The appointment of Jason Schupbach as director of design of the NEA was a welcome surprise.

  • Care-Mongering

    Politics may be polarized, but architects are bound by their professional code to serve the less fortunate.

  • Playful Interventions at the Guggenheim

    There were some interesting and fun ideas presented at the "Contemplating the Void" exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum.

  • Optimism for a Chicago Neighborhood

    The Shaw Technology and Learning Center is helping to revitalize North Lawndale.

  • Architects Should Keep Their Minds Nimble by Reading

    Editor-in-chief Ned Cramer shares a few favorite books from his personal library and asks readers to offer their own recommendations.

  • A Stimulus for Architecture Students

    We need to do something to make sure that the talent found in the current generation of architecture school graduates doesn't go to waste.

  • What's the Real Reason for the Fight Over Chelsea Barracks?

    Both supporters of Richard Rogers and supporters of Prince Charles are mistaken in thinking that style is the central issue in the argument over Chelsea Barracks.

  • A Civil Defense

    The results of our climate change survey shows that a surprising number of architects don't believe in global warming.

  • Shameless Plug

    Architect lauches a new website, with project galleries, expert bloggers, free continuing ed courses, new products, and much, much more.