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  • Objection!

    After an Illinois appellate court overturned the city's ordinance, we need to stand up for preservation.

  • Heroes, Not Stars

    The architectural profession's value system is undergoing an epochal shift from celebratory-based to collaborative-based.

  • Time for a Change

    Welcome to the Age of Austerity. The moralizing backlash against the architectural excesses of recent years has already begun.

  • The World is Flat, and a Little Bumpy

    The Western standard of unbridled progress runs counter to China's long cultural history of building on precedent.

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    The editor-in-chief explores the implications of prefab housing and design.

  • Pricey Gas is Good for Architecture

    Europeans pay far higher fuel taxes than Americans, and not strictly out of necessity.

  • The Science of Sunshine

    New hospitals exemplify the latest thinking on patient well-being and quality of care as they relate to the physical environment.

  • Eine Kleine Schadenfreude

    Architecture is one of humanity's great forms of cultural expression, but it also fulfills a basic human need: the need for shelter.

  • Make Me Look Good ...

    The act of building is central to the editorial premise of ARCHITECT and the PRODUCT SPEC GUIDE—not because we think it would please our advertisers (most of whom are product manufacturers), but because we think it's good for architecture and the environment.

  • Netsch is Still an Architect, for Now ...