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  • Energy Harvester Eliminates Battery Need

    The PMG37 vibration energy harvester from Perpetuum Ltd. converts unused mechanical vibration into electrical energy to power wireless sensor systems used to monitor critical systems.

  • Sensors Log Measurements

    Veris Industries manufactures a range of plug-in AC current sensors for use with HOBO U12-006 data loggers from Onset Computer Corp.

  • Tile Size Is Expanded

    Estrie, a division of American Biltrite Ltd., offers a new 18- by 18-inch tile in its Viera line. The new size carries the Viera line benefits and standards, including no PVCs or VOCs, a 12dB acoustic rating, and 20 color options.

  • Nature-inspired Textiles Incorporate Recycled Content

    Comprising six patterns, the Bright Side collection from Carnegie is woven from 100 percent post-consumer polyester and is finished with Cradle to Cradle-certified Nanotex Resist Stains and Durablock, an antimony-free 100 percent polyester barrier.

  • Roofing System Reduces Heat Gain and Cooling Loads

    Birdair Inc. now offers SHEERFILL Architectural Membrane, a translucent fabric membrane that is recognized by the Cool Roof Rating Council and Energy Star.

  • Toilet Integrates Sink

    Caroma has introduced the Profile Smart HET, which incorporates a sink into the lid of the toilet tank for increased water savings in the bathroom.

  • Chair Integrates Post-consumer Material

    Otis by Harter from izzy is a hybrid between a side and lounge chair featuring a molded piece of Petra thermoplastic polyester from 100 percent post-consumer material.

  • Architectural Fabric is Recyclable

    Kenafine by Birdair is a recyclable architectural fabric membrane that allows tensile structures to be fully recycled into paper products at the end of their lifecycle.

  • Upholstery Made With Post-consumer Content

    Carnegie has introduced The Bright Side collection of high-performance upholsteries that are woven from 100 percent post-consumer polyester and finished with antimony-free, 100 percent polyester Durab

  • Fan-Coil Units Available Commercially

    Johnson Controls now offers fan-coil units for commercial and light-commercial HVAC systems that are available from 250 to 2,000 CFM, with exposed or concealed cabinets in vertical and horizontal conf