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  • A Solemn Resting Place for Fallen Soldiers

    Fennell Purifoy’s Birdeye Cemetery provides spaces for reflection and ceremony within the 100-acre site.

  • Drive-Through Airport To Change Travel Paradigm?

    Büro für MEHR shifts the layout of the typical terminal with its drive-through scheme.

  • Water Bottling Plant Offers Glacial Views

    The flood-resistant Glacial Water Bottling Plant in Patagonia, designed by Chilean firm Panorama, highlights its mountain setting in a reflective skin.

  • A New National Military Museum in the Netherlands

    A collaborative entry with Claus en Kaan Architecten of Amsterdam allows Kossmann.dejong to explore the possibilities of displaying military exhibitions throughout history.

  • Eton Manor Will Remain Open to Athletes Well After the Olympics End

    Project phasing will ensure that Eton Manor sees athletic activity long after the Olympics finish their stay in London.

  • A 1960s box in San Francisco receives a green makeover

    Terry & Terry Architecture remodels a nondescript 1960s house into a handsome—and sustainable—urban residence.

  • Art Plus Light

    Architect Renzo Piano has a way with light. It is what has kept museum directors and trustees beating a path to his offices in Paris and Genoa since the 1987 opening of The Menil Collection in Houston.

  • The Science and Art of Light

    Architecture today often is praised for its tectonics, floating volumes, and sensational, gravity-defying stunts of “starchitecture.” Yet, very so often there is a building that inspires descriptions of the sublime, the experiential, and the power of light and architecture to transcend our...