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  • Eve Edelstein

    Architecture has fired synapses in the human brain for a long time. now a neuroscientist is asking how.

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    Hayward lumber's president and CEO talks about sustainablilty and his role as the new board chair of the forest stewardship council-U.S.

  • Andrew Caruso

    The 2007–2008 president of the American Institute of Architecture students discusses the evolving nature of education.

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    The author of the best-selling book the world without us says that since we're still here, we should behave better.

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    A pioneer in the profession makes sure the history books tell the whole story.

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    The illustrator of architecture-themed picture books has a new exhibition at the national building museum.

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    The Chicago filmmaker and playwright is gaining notice with readings of her latest work, the Glass House, on the architect-client story behind the Farnsworth House.

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    The Columbia university architectural historian and curator of the exhibition “Robert Moses and the modern city” explains why the controversial planner deserves a reassessment.

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    The founder of Oklahoma-based Sustainable Solutions Inc. finds new uses for postindustrial waste and proves that green can be profitable.

  • Paul Teicholz

    The recipient of the National Building Museum's 2006 Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction Technology sees the future of the architect–contractor relationship.