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  • Charles Leeks

    As head of Chicago's north Lawndale office of neighborhood housing services, Charles Leeks plans to revitalize a community by celebrating its iconic architecture.

  • Aziza Chaouni

    Architect Aziza Chaouni won a P/A Award for her research on how to repair the crumbling yet vital medina of Fez, Morocco. She explains her motivation to ARCHITECT.

  • Urs Ziswiler

    The Swiss ambassador to the United States discusses his new residence in Washington, D.C. designed by Steven Holl and Justin Rüssli, the building sits adjacent to a 1959 chancery designed by the Swiss-American modernist William Lescaze.

  • Dirk Denison

    Dirk Denison discusses the pros and cons of double duty as architect and developer with ARCHITECT.