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  • 2013 R+D Awards Winner: Num Num Flatware

    Design and planning firm NADAAA tackled a problem that hungered for a solution: Create a collection of utensils that looks good and performs even better.

  • 2013 R+D Award Winner: Green Roof Vegetation Study

    KieranTimberlake dares to investigate the condition of vegetative roofs years after they’re exposed to the real world.

  • 2013 R+D Awards Winner: EcoMod

    The University of Virginia is redefining the notion of high-performance, modular housing, beginning in the neighborhoods that need it most.

  • 2013 R+D Awards Winner: Wireless Sensor Network

    The basic steps to improving building performance—add insulation, update windows, etc.—are obvious, but KieranTimberlake wanted to prove that they work.

  • 2013 R+D Awards Winner: Electroform(alism)

    With computer-derived geometries and a love for craft, Akoaki found new architectural applications for a 19th-century technique.

  • 2013 R+D Awards First Award Winner: Morphfaux

    Eschewing the flatness of conventional building walls, Archolab is revitalizing the centuries-old craft of plasterwork with help from—what else?—a robot.

  • 2013 R+D Awards Winner: AEC-Apps

    Now, more than ever before, innovation in architecture is happening in the digital world, as Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and Case Design’s new network demonstrates.

  • The 2013 R+D Awards

    Now in its seventh year, the annual awards program had one First Award and seven winners that celebrate the current culture of exploration in architecture in which anything and everything is possible.

  • 2013 R+D Awards Winner: Artaic Innovative Mosaic

    The beauty of a mosaic mural was only enhanced by the inherent understanding of the painstaking effort behind its creation. That is, until Artaic came along.

  • The 2012 R+D Awards

    This year's research and development awards celebrated pragmatic solutions to real problems that architects face.