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  • Hover

    Designed as a temporary canopy for the DesCours festival, an annual weeklong celebration of design sponsored by AIA New Orleans, Hover is a luminous canopy featuring both LEDs and photovoltaic cells that power them. Höweler + Yoon designed Hover—an entire

  • Living City

    Living City explores the notion that building façades and access to fresh air are the frontiers of public space in urban areas—that in the future, façades will belong to and serve residents as streets and parks do today. To that end, architects David Benj

  • Artificial Leaf

    Set to be deployed as a nontraditional façade for the planned Hotel Forest in Barcelona, the Artificial Leaf is a draping system of light-emitting modules suspended on steel mesh. The scheme is based on the analogy that if a city is a forest, each buildin

  • A Surface of Points

    Architect Eric Owen Moss uses glass rods not just for their formal properties, but as structural components. The result is A Surface of Points, a system of deep cable trusses that incorporate glass tubes as compression members.

  • Drape Wall / Cloak Wall

    Two discrete wall systems based on the same concept of modularity, Drape Wall and Cloak Wall both provide alternatives to stick construction for single-family homes.

  • Second Annual R+D Awards

    Architecture has evolved, judging from the winners of our second annual R+D Awards. Witness a façade that breathes, a recycling network based on the human intestinal tract, an exterior lighting system inspired by photosynthesis, and other such wonders. If

  • 12 Blocks

    The Challenge: How can the standard concrete masonry unit be re-examined, renewed, and ultimately improved?

  • Soft House

    Kennedy & Violich Architecture took a radical first step in designing the Soft House, replacing many of the hard wall surfaces of a standard prefabricated house with movable curtains that contain embedded nanotechnology and thin-film photovoltaics.

  • Riddled Furniture

    The concept of porosity has been a favorite point of exploration in the buildings of Steven Holl Architects, so applying that concept at the scale of furniture seems like a natural progression for the firm.

  • Lightweight Facade Systems

    KieranTimberlake Associates has developed a strategy to achieve high performance in lightweight facade systems.