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  • All Buildings—Even Old Ones—Should Be Green, Says USGBC

    On May 15, the U.S. Green Building Council testified before Congress on the potential for green buildings to help remedy global climate change.

  • Nine for All

    Adobe Acrobat 9 works with many file types, and some of the program's functionalities are directed squarely at the A/E/C market.

  • Samples

    Snippets of news from the world of products and manufacturers.

  • Forward Thinking

    A call for entries for the Red Dot Awards: Design Concept

  • The Industry's Bottom Line

    The graphs below show how production industries stack up against construction in the number of employees and in the value added to the gross domestic product (GDP).

  • From Raw to Refined

    The manufacturer 3form has been working since 1991 to make plastics a more environmentally sensible, not to mention attractive, material for architecture and interiors-primarily with a new invention: eco-resin.

  • Sample Argument

    Strategies for product libraries.

  • The Point-and-Click Specifications

    Richard Lew is trying out a new way to do his job: an online internet portal for design documentation called USG Design Studio, launched last year by the Chicago-based gypsum wallboard and drywall manufacturer.

  • Stone's Pursuit of Sustainability

    The Natural Stone Council Committee on Sustainability is charged with identifying the implementing the best practices for sustainable manufacturing and quarrying of products branded with the Council's "Genuine Stone" mark.

  • Beyond Greenwashing

    Now, thanks to a coalition of leaders in building sustainability, you can add “cradle to cradle” to the list of authenticity indicators.