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  • Metropol Parasol

    The Metropol Parasol is the world's largest structure held together by glue.

  • Below-Ground Books

    Two underground bookstores won P/A Awards six years apart. Both point to the promise—and the problems—of building below grade.

  • Small Scale, Minor Letdown at the MoMA

    The Museum of Modern Art's new show, "Small Scale, Big Change," features worthy humanitarian efforts ... and a troubling hero complex.

  • Rural Studio: Lions Park

    Rural Studio gives students real-world design experience in this Greensboro park. It's also been a lesson in community organizing.

  • DOGPound

    When Hale County was threatened with a lawsuit for not meeting a state requirement that each Alabama county have an animal shelter, in stepped Rural Studio.

  • Huntsville, Ala.

    It's not all space-age technology in Huntsville, home to the Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center. Sustainability matters, too.

  • The New Rural Studio

    Still true to Samuel Mockbee's social ideals, Rural Studio is starting to think big under director Andrew Freear.