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  • Columbus, Ga.

    Fort Benning's expansion is expected to bring in 30,000 new residents to Columbus, leading to a rise in residential, healthcare, and school construction.

  • GSA Scrutinizes Underfloor-Air Distribution

    Lessons learned from underfloor-air distribution systems with pressurized plenums are the basis for new GSA design standards and criteria.

  • University Conserves Water

    Emory University Employs Rainwater Harvesting and Condensation Reclamation

  • Deciphering Ecolabels

    Understanding how product certification contributes to greener buildings.

  • 4D Cities

  • And the Future Belongs to …

  • Concrete Masonry Units

    They look dull and, in fact, if you've seen one concrete masonry unit—or concrete block or CMU—you may think you've seen the lot of them: Usually they're rough, gray oblong blocks formed from water, sand, crushed stone, and cement, with two big holes in them.

  • Southern Lights

    The 515-foot-tall atrium of the Atlanta Marriot Marquis is a dramatic space in a city known for its dramatic interiors.

  • Scogin and Elam's Buckhead Library Could be Razed

    Developer offers county $24 million for award-winning Atlanta building, built in 1989

  • U.S. Navy Weighs Options for Bay Area's Hangar One

    Although the 785-foot-long rigid-frame airship USS Macon crashed into the ocean in 1935, less than two years after its first flight, its monumental home has remained as an emblem of Machine Age exuberance. Yet even with its storied past, Hangar One at Mof