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  • Solar Decathlon 2011 Profile: Team Maryland

    An interview with Amy Gardner, AIA, and Brian Grieb, AIA, faculty advisors for Team Maryland’s WaterShed house, which won the 2011 Solar Decathlon.

  • The 50-Year-Old Intern Architect

    The unregistered intern architect: will a decline in registered professionals create a lost generation of architects?

  • Design Ethic

    How do we decide what's right?

  • University of Maryland Wins Solar Decathlon 2011

    Purdue University and New Zealand (Victoria University of Wellington) take second and third place in the biennial competition.

  • Absolutely Accessible

    Universal design is architecture's next great frontier.

  • We're Number One: Eat Better

    When it comes to weight, America is top of the charts. It’s no surprise: we eat the wrong food (and too much of it); we move too little. Could better design help fight obesity?

  • Typology: Synagogues

    Jewish houses of worship see modest growth as congregations seek more social spaces.

  • Astroturf, Anyone?

    The National Mall may need fixing, but why is that an excuse to prohibit the Solar Decathlon from being held there?

  • Downtown Turnaround

    Communities across the country are contending with devalued real estate, and architects need to step up and help rethink these cities.

  • Ellicott City & Columbia, Md.

    Although they represent different eras in Maryland's growth, Ellicott City and Columbia drive Howard County's economic and real estate development.