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  • Revolutionary Building Products Made from Rubber

    About 80 percent of the 300 million tires discarded in the U.S. each year is diverted from landfills and turned into everything from fuel to backfill. But the potential of scrap rubber can stretch even further.

  • Project Gallery: Health Care REIT Corporate Headquarters

    This somewhat stodgy and dark 1970’s era headquarters building, located in a 166 acre park-like setting, was transformed into an energetic light-infused, state-of-the-art headquarters for Health Care REIT: User-generated architecture from Duket Architects Planners & Centerbrook Architects and...

  • Architects and Designers Reimagine a Former Factory in Cincinnati

    Aaron Betsky judges the Live/Make Competition for a former factory building in Cincinnati, a competition that called for a new community of DIY folk who would share skills and tools, hearkening back to the Arts & Crafts days.

  • Plan Cincinnati Lays Down the Law with Form-Based Code

    Aaron Betsky says that a new form-based code for Cincinnati will take away many of the achievements that Plan Cincinnati, the first comprehensive plan in decades, gives in terms of clarity and possibilities.

  • Well Rounded

    As hospital campuses grow, how can they simultaneously shrink their environmental footprints?

  • Political Stagecraft Comes to the Cincinnati Art Museum

    When President Barack Obama came to campaign in Cincinnati, his secret service and campaign people turned a small, open, amphitheater into what felt like a building of sorts, Aaron Betsky says.

  • Sports Stadia and Players Control Space

    When throwing the first pitch for the Cincinnati Reds, Aaron Betsky encounters a whole new experience of built stadia. While many are designed to make the game experience more intense for viewers, Betsky finds that the most intense spot is on the field, where the players are.

  • The Revitalization of Cincinnati's Washington Square Park

    As unused rail yards are redeveloped, and garages and highways are buried underground, more space emerges for parks and public venues. Aaron Betsky reviews one example in Cincinnati: the new Washington Square Park.

  • Ohio Transmission Tower as Object of Beauty

    Even a transmission tower can be a thing of wonder, if designed well, says Aaron Betsky. The Star Tower in his hometown of Cincinnati brings him back to days of families sitting together to take in baseball games and news programs.

  • Finding Beauty and Splendor in the Construction Process

    Construction is the counterpart to ruins, Aaron Betsky says. And there is beauty to be found in both.