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  • Hockessin Library Cantilevers a Children's Reading Room as a New Addition

    In New Castle County, Delaware, ikon5 Architects create room for a library expansion by cantilevering the room out from the foundation.

  • Vegetated-roof Failure Teaches Lessons

    The original vegetated roof on the M Financial Building in Portland, Ore., never lived up to expectations.

  • Stretching the Pour

    Architects Stephen Kanner and Joe Addo are entering the building products industry with a concrete additive designed to help the people of Ghana.

  • Portland, Maine

    One of the few working waterfronts left in the United States, Portland is expanding beyond its seafaring tradition and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • The Politician

    When architects want to call on a member of Congress who gets it, they go to Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon and 11-year House veteran.