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  • Needs and Deeds

    Design between architecture's practice and academy for areas in need.

  • Ford Assembly Building, Richmond, Calif.

    Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects, Berkeley, Calif.

  • Lessons for a Green School

    Wyck Knox, AIA, of VMDO Architects on greening schools and curricula.

  • Housing Tower at Kripalu Center

    Stockbridge, Mass./Peter Rose + Partners

  • The Embodiment of the American Dream

    In form and function, the higher-education campus is the United States' greatest contribution to architecture and urban planning.

  • Care-Mongering

    Politics may be polarized, but architects are bound by their professional code to serve the less fortunate.

  • That's Entertainment: Checking In With Sustainable Hospitality

    The hospitality industry has struggled to integrate sustainability into its properties, but savvy architects, builders and designers are changing the playing field.

  • Washington, D.C.

    Although the nation’s capital bought into the “Yes, we can!” mentality, economic pressures have largely stifled private development in Washington, D.C.

  • Richmond Oval Roof Structure

    The Vancouver office of Cannon Design created a panelized ribbed wooden roof structure as the crowning glory to the Olympic speedskating venue.

  • 'Shaping the American Landscape,' University of Virginia Press

    "Shaping the American Landscape" profiles 151 people who have played essential roles in U.S. landscape architecture, earth art, and more.