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  • 'Shaping the American Landscape,' University of Virginia Press

    "Shaping the American Landscape" profiles 151 people who have played essential roles in U.S. landscape architecture, earth art, and more.

  • Roanoke, Va.

    Despite the downturn, Roanoke has maintained a building boomlet over the past couple of years, thanks to healthcare, educational, and cultural projects.

  • Small Steps Toward Integrated Project Delivery

    As more architects are discovering, getting started with IPD does not require an all-or-nothing commitment. It's possible to test-drive an IPD workflow even if all parties aren't on board.

  • Hobart Betts' Promising Run of P/A Awards

    From 1966 to 1972, Hobart Betts' architectural designs won several P/A Awards. Then, his work disappeared from prominence.

  • The Academic Shuffle

    Leadership moves at four U.S. schools of architecture and design.

  • Countertops And Sinks From New River Concrete

    New River Concrete Countertops and Sinks are made of sand and gravel from the New River, which runs through North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Glenn Murcutt Awarded 2009 AIA Gold Medal

    Glenn Marcus Murcutt, the Australian architect whose small, elegant buildings have influenced designers worldwide since the early 1970s, has been awarded the 2009 AIA Gold Medal, the institute's highest honor.

  • Old School, New School: University of Virginia

    To redesign Campbell Hall, U.Va. architecture dean Karen Van Lengen hired her own faculty.

  • Green Advocate Wins Jefferson Medal

    The winners of the University of Virginia's Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Architecture aren't always architects.

  • Carter's Grove Plantation Sold for $15.3 Million

    Williamsburg museum, closed for last three years, suffered from poor attendance