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    Architectural competitions easily run aground.

  • The Planner

    "An effective city planner needs to be a gatekeeper, negotiator, and advocate for community values that have been identified by the appointed and elected bodies," says local architect Paul Trementozzi, principal of OZ Architecture. Fort Collins planning director Joe Frank is all of the above.

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    Excessive fees cited in move to third-party oversight of county projects

  • Face of the Nation

    As 2006 wound down, eyebrows and blood pressures shot up nationwide in response to rumors that the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) had tapped classicist Thomas Gordon Smith as its new chief architect.

  • GSA's Leslie Shepherd Appointed Chief Architect

    Agency veteran gets the nod; Thomas Gordon Smith given salaried fellowship

  • Jury Is Out on GSA's Choice for Chief Architect

    Thomas Gordon Smith, a practitioner and champion of classical architecture, will be the U.S. General Services Administration's new chief architect.