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  • Assessing Life-Cycle Assessment

    Apply balanced judgment when using LCA.

  • Lenore Lucey to Step Down From NCARB in 2011

  • AAF and United Technologies Corp. Launch Sustainability Advisory Program

    The Sustainable Cities Design Academy, developed by the American Architectural Foundation and UT, will lend expert advice to help with the sustainability of large projects in four U.S. cities.

  • The AIA Files

    A new database of AIA history tracks the substantive discussion, resolutions, and debates that have occurred at AIA conventions, beginning with the first recorded meeting in 1867.

  • AIA Announces 2009 Honor Awards

    The AIA has named 25 projects as winners of the institute's 2009 Honor Awards, which celebrate the best in architecture, interior architecture, and urban design.

  • Studio: Illinois Institute of Technology

    "There's no program, but there is a client," explains architect Dirk Denison of the studio he's conducting at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) with longtime friend film critic Jonathan Miller.

  • NAAB Rethinks Accreditation

    The National Architectural Accrediting Board recently met to review the conditions for accreditation, something it does every five year. It has also joined several international accreditation agencies in recognizing each other's programs.

  • Pro Bono Gains Traction Among Architects

    A survey of the members of Public Architecture's The 1% project--which asks firms to commit 1 percent of their yearly billable hours to pro bono efforts--and the AIA's creation of pro bono guidelines suggest that architects are increasingly interested in socially responsible work.

  • End of the Road?

    The Congress for the New Urbanism and the Center for Neighborhood Technology have released a list of the top U.S. places ready for revitalization by replacing deteriorating highways with walkable boulevards and denser development.

  • Copper's Antimicrobial Feats

    The Copper Development Association (CDA) announced in March that copper, brass, and bronze have been added to the EPA's register of disinfectants.