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    There’s nothing worse than losing a competition that you thought your firm would win. Except for failing to find out why.

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    The chairperson of The Missing 32% Project wants to know why women comprise half of the number of architecture school graduates, but not half of the number of licensed architects.

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    Architects have been slow to champion the return on investment that their work can bring. But even a little data can convince clients that spending more can mean saving more.

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    Chasing every project may seem wise in a tight economy. But smart firms specialize. ARCHITECT asked leading practitioners and management experts to share their perspectives.

  • A Better Value

    Two infamous Justice Department consent decrees, from 1971 and 1990, prohibit architects from setting fees. Afraid of straying into illegal territory, practitioners have largely avoided shop talk ever since. But now, a growing movement of architects is finding legal ground to reshape the...

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    A snapshot of architectural education today.

  • 2013 AIA Compensation Report

    As the recovery limps along, the AIA Compensation Report has good news for senior designers—and those with architecture degrees.

  • A New 10% Pro Bono Model

    With an innovative hybrid business model, Erinn McGurn is ensuring that her pro bono work in Africa has lasting influence.

  • GSA Finds Green-Building Practices Pay Off

    A white paper details a post-occupancy evaluation study of 22 federal buildings and finds that green-building investments pay off in lower maintenance costs, energy and water use, and carbon dioxide emissions.

  • 2011 AIA Compensation Report: Who Makes What?

    This year's AIA Compensation Report shows that new downturn or not, architects haven’t stopped feeling the pinch.