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    The subtext of today’s “lost generation” discussion is not the uncertainties in the economy, but queasy misgivings about architecture-school training.

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    For many young college graduates, the opportunity to travel abroad means fun and frolic. But for Amit Price Patel, the experience was a life-changing dose of reality.

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    The dust-covered jobsite is a far cry from the studio Darren Guyer left behind when he switched from junior designer in an architecture firm to a site supervisor for a construction company, but the 31-year-old isn't looking back.

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    If architects are either idea people or tectonic people, Mark Pasnik falls into the former camp.

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    More and more, as architecture commands ever higher visibility, architects at all levels are finding that the profession can pay well and offer wealth-generating business opportunities, too. Entry-level and midcareer professionals are increasingly respect

  • Midcareer Choices

    Despite a shaky economy, architects are making more money.