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More stories about Copper

  • Copper Keeps a Phoenix Medical Building as Cool as a Rock

    CO Architects designed custom fabricated and faceted copper panels that emulate the surrounding canyons and reduce solar heat gain at the Health Sciences Education Building.

  • Games by Design

    The buildings that will host the London Olympics are notable not only for their responsible approach to high design, but also for how they will serve the city after the closing ceremonies

  • Mac Metals Copper Alloys

    Mac Metals Inc. has added two alloys to its collection of copper alloys for architectural applications.

  • Fasteners and Treated Lumber

    A position paper approved by the Metal Construction Association addresses frequently asked questions regarding metal roofing fasteners and alkaline-copper-quaternary-treated lumber.

  • Metal Shingle Resembles Traditional Shingle

    Custom-Bilt Metals has launched its Vail Titan Select Steel and Vail Majestic Copper shingles.

  • CopperPlus roofing by Engineer Materials Solutions

    CopperPlus roofing offers the look of copper with the durability and the lower cost of stainless steel

  • Copper's Antimicrobial Feats

    The Copper Development Association (CDA) announced in March that copper, brass, and bronze have been added to the EPA's register of disinfectants.