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  • Charts of the Day

    The number of housing units authorized in New York City based on building permits remains well below pre-recession levels, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.

  • Top States and Cities Exposed to Storm Surge Damage

    CoreLogic's 2014 Storm Surge Report estimates the number of single-family homes exposed to storm surge damage as a result of hurricanes, as well as the estimated cost of reconstruction.

  • The History of American Housing, 1920s to Today

    This timeline demonstrates the changes in housing trends as responses to major events.

  • Bid Review

    New AIA design/build resources for a new practice landscape.

  • World Interiors News Annual Awards Shortlist Released

    Whittled down from a total of 610 submissions, the contest is down to a list of 104 interior design projects and products from all over the world.

  • HUD, VA Announce Latest VASH Awards

    Nearly 1,000 homeless veterans will find permanent affordable homes through the latest Department of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing awards.

  • U.S. Multifamily Housing Market is Strong, Says Freddie Mac

    The company's mid-year evaluation predicts that rental housing demand should remain strong throughout 2014 and 2015.

  • Maps of the Day

    Which U.S. states are leading the nation in residential construction, as measured by building permits issued per capita?

  • Quote of the Day

    "If George Lucas indeed builds his vanity museum in Chicago, San Francisco's contribution may be that we helped nudge the "Star Wars" creator out of his aesthetic comfort zone for the first time since he started making sequels to his sequels and re-releasing his re-releases."-Critic John King.

  • A French Pavilion Reimagines the Mirrored Façade

    Wind and user interaction activate the more than 300 steel plates that clad the structure to give it an ever-changing face.