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  • Building BLOX

    Defining a different practice.

  • Tacking Left

    Placetailor suggests a broader model of community practice.

  • Detail: Kilden Curved Façade

    In southern Norway, a performing arts center by Helsinki firm ALA Architects embraces and amazes visitors with a wooden wall that cantilevers to the harbor's edge.

  • Architects Working on Design/Build in a Storied Brooklyn Neighborhood

    In a Civil War–era warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn, architects work as both designers and contractors at Made, a design/build firm with a stocked workshop and a large found-materials library.

  • Game Changer

    Making the most with the least.

  • Design/Build Meets Prototyping in Red Hook, Brooklyn

    Devoid of distractions, Red Hook’s isolated atmosphere is the ideal home for Bigprototype, the experimental design/build studio of John Nafziger and Sarah Strauss.

  • Brooklyn Waterfront Harbors a Design/Build Community

    Once the world’s busiest freight port, today Red Hook, Brooklyn, is a hotbed for small design and manufacturing businesses, like Pelle, a husband-and-wife design duo who live and work in the area.

  • Will One World Trade Center Still Be Named America’s Tallest Tower?

    Two weeks ago, we told you that One World Trade Center is now New York’s tallest building. Fact. But as they continue to build onto the tower, eventually reaching the patriotic 1,776 feet, critics have called into question whether it will be considered America’s tallest building.

  • Grand Function

    The renovation of a historic federal building goes for a groundbreaking net-zero energy goal.

  • Healthy Outlook

    Architects and healthcare providers agree that flexible design is crucial to controlling future costs for healthcare.