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  • Rural Studies

    Not your typical firm, but its principals are pursuing an elemental practice.

  • Do It Yourself

    Bringing design and construction together under one roof.

  • The AIA To Release Sustainable Project Guide

    AIA Document D503-2011, Guide for Sustainable Projects will be available for free download in May.

  • Award: Digital Steam-Bending

    A University of Michigan research group has revisited the 19th century technique of bending wood through steam with 21st century tools.

  • Schools That Excel in Design/Build

  • Design/Build: Let Them Build It, They Will Come

    They don't look like students of the '60s, but today's architecture students are just as motivated to improve their communities and get hands-on building experience.

  • DOGPound

    When Hale County was threatened with a lawsuit for not meeting a state requirement that each Alabama county have an animal shelter, in stepped Rural Studio.

  • Hale County Hospital Courtyard

    Time moves at its own pace in Hale County, Ala., where cotton was once king, and where former slaves and their descendants were left behind to eke out an existence.

  • $20K Houses

    The low-income houses that Rural Studio is known for are still an important part of its mission.

  • Birding Tower

    Located in neighboring Perry County is Perry Lakes Park, where the Rural Studio has completed four projects since 2001.