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  • Needs and Deeds

    Design between architecture's practice and academy for areas in need.

  • Sustainability Education Clearinghouse Launched

    The Green Education Foundation and USGBC are now providing a free online tool.

  • A New Theory War?

    The divide between the proponents of practice-based and theoretical instruction.

  • Ubuntu Centre

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa/Field Architecture

  • The Future for Education

    It's time for architecture to get out of the studio and into the larger world we should serve.

  • Learning by Design

    Philadelphia's Charter High School for Architecture and Design forged a new kind of design-based curriculum in public schools. Is the experiment working?

  • The Future Belongs to Woodbury University

    To understand the demographic future of the profession, look to Woodbury University, where whites are a minority.

  • Studio on Steroids

    The University of Oklahoma architecture school tests a plugged-in classroom prototype.

  • Green Cred

    What benefits are students gaining from sustainable design degrees and certificates?

  • Astroturf, Anyone?

    The National Mall may need fixing, but why is that an excuse to prohibit the Solar Decathlon from being held there?