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  • Software Monitors Building’s Savings

    Quality Attributes Software’s iBPortal Intelligent Building Management tool helps track environmental and financial savings

  • Vegetated-roof Failure Teaches Lessons

    The original vegetated roof on the M Financial Building in Portland, Ore., never lived up to expectations.

  • Efficient, Effective and Responsible Buildings Are Environmental and Economic

    Author, speaker and consultant Alan Whitson, president of the Corporate Realty, Design and Management Institute, Portland, Ore., is the creator of a seminar series, “Turning Green into Gold.”

  • Feeling the Pinch

    The economic slowdown has affected the nation's AEC firms, in the form of hiring freezes, layoffs, and a drop in revenue, according to ZweigWhite's 2008 Financial Performance Survey.

  • The House of Morrison

    Scottish businessmen Sir Fraser and Peter Morrison, who just acquired Hillier, have turned the languishing firm rmjm into a global powerhouse.

  • Flying High

    When traveling for projects is the norm, keeping costs under control can be a challenge.

  • Smart Money

    The authors of a new book show architects how to turn a profit.

  • The Financier

    Many lenders focus on generating new business. MetLife wants to keep the clients it already has.

  • Intern Architect Salary: The $34,000 Question

    Intern architect salary ranges force interns to weigh the creative rewards of their profession against its financial drawbacks.