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  • Secrets to One Firm's Success During the Downturn

    For RJC Architects, the past two years have been a time of growth and higher profits. Principal James Robbins credits his firm’s business philosophy.

  • Available: Immediately -- the recession comes home.

    When the recession began in 2008, architecture firms squeaked by on a backlog of projects. Now that it's running out, many architects have been laid off and are struggling to find jobs.

  • You're Fired!

    Letting an employee go is never easy. And architects, whose practices are particularly sensitive to changes in the economy, may do more firing than members of other professions. The process isn't just emotionally tricky—it can also have legal consequences

  • Minnesota's Star Tribune Drops Architecture Critic

    After 21 years of critiquing and reporting on architecture for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Linda Mack became one of about 70 journalists cut from the payroll in June through “voluntary buyouts.”