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  • AdvanTech Panels

    Huber Engineered Woods announced at Convention to use AdvanTech panels for floating subfloor applications based on NWFA instructions.

  • Innovation Under Foot

    The future of flooring will be bright, green, and wired to be an active part of daily life if students at the University of Pennsylvania have a say.

  • Lath, Ann Sacks

    These porcelain floor tiles are designed to look like concrete poured into wood molds.

  • Microcosm, Nodus

    This rug's abstract design leaves room for interpretation.

  • Woolen Mammoths

    What ties spaces together better than a good rug?

  • Eight Reasons to Love Tile

    Near-boundless color, pattern, and material choices make tile the ultimate surface for designers looking to create bespoke spaces.

  • Five Ways to Work in Wood

    Warm up or cool down traditional spaces and contemporary interiors with these wood seats, finishes, and flooring.

  • Knocking On Wood

    Farewell, formaldehyde.

  • Craftwood, Terra Legno

    Engineered wood gives this resilient flooring its natural appearance.

  • Six Ways to Connect Contract Spaces

    These seats, tables, and dividers foster a sense of community in large commercial spaces.