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    The unpopularity of the Mayor's pitch for a football facility in the city hints at why it could be made to work.

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    Architecture centers fill the gap between design matters and the public interest.

  • Figure Ground Relationship

    Campus growth has consequences for the wider community. The trick is making sure they're the good kind.

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    A perforated aluminum wrapper elevates a San Antonio project.

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    Detroit AIA's Urban Priorities Committee hopes to revitalize its city despite Motown's terminal prognosis.

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    Richard Tyler lost everything in Katrina, but rebuilt his life with the help of a "Porchdog."

  • Community | City: Between Building and Landscape. Affordable Sustainable Infill for Smoketown; Louisville, Ky.

    Marilys R. Nepomechie, FAIA, Marilys R. Nepomechie Architect and Florida International University; Marta Canavés, Marta Canavés Design and Florida International University

  • Civics Lessons

    When a tornado devastated the seamier side of Nashville, AIA helped the town redefine its future.

  • AIA Announces 2011 Institute Honor Awards

    The AIA has named the winners of the 2011 Institute Honor Awards for architecture, interior architecture, and urban and regional design, and the Twenty-Five Year Award winner.

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    Terry & Terry Architecture remodels a nondescript 1960s house into a handsome—and sustainable—urban residence.