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  • Priva-Lite glazing from Saint-Gobain Glass

    Switches from clear to translucent at the flick of a switch

  • Screen glass partition from Joel Berman Glass Studios

    Secures by adjusting fixing plates tightly against the floor and ceiling or by screwing them into floor joists and ceiling supports

  • Babble speakers from Herman Miller

    Makes phone conversations unintelligible to nearby individuals

  • Exterior Products : Insulated Vinyl Siding Reviews

    A relative newcomer to the market, insulated vinyl siding has rigid foam laminated to the back of its panels. The backing increases the siding's R-value by as much as five times that of conventional backings, which manufacturers claim helps reduce homeowners' energy bills. As important, it blocks...

  • The Critical Role of Air Barriers

    Continuous air barriers must be designed, constructed and tested to help achieve building energy efficiency.

  • Soy Seal From BioBased Insulation

    BioBased Insulation has launched Soy Seal, a line of soy-based insulating foams available in a spray can. Soy Seal uses Agrol, a 96 percent pure bio-polyol, as its base, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Soy Seal for Gaps & Cracks is a closed-cell foam, and...


    CYRO Industries’ ACRYLITE HEATSTOP acrylic sheet is an infrared-reflecting polymethyl methacrylate that limits the amount of heat entering a building.

  • Ceramic InsulCoat Exterior Wall From Envirocoatings

    Envirocoatings’ Ceramic InsulCoat exterior wall and roof products contain Cerylium, which helps prevent heat loss and gain and protects against extreme coastal or desert weather conditions.

  • ACFoam CrossVent From Atlas Roofing Corp.

    ACFoam CrossVent from Atlas Roofing Corp. is an environmentally friendly polyisocyanurate-foam insulation board designed for use over sloped, unventilated roof decks.

  • Tensotherm From Birdair Inc. And Cabot Corp.

    Birdair Inc. and Cabot Corp. have released Tensotherm, a composite roof system that offers the grace and flexibility of tensile roofing fabrics with the added benefits of an insulation layer.