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  • Blog: Betonbabe

    On this Tumblr site from a Princeton University School of Architecture grad student, you'll be escorted through the coolest lost-and-found of concrete items.

  • Building Connections

    Honest Buildings will use social media to speed innovation and foster transparency in buildings.

  • Internet: Office Snapshots

    Take a peek inside more than 450 corporate buildings with the website Office Snapshots.

  • Food: Coolhaus

    Score Louis Ba-Kahn, Mies Vanilla Rohe, and Frank Behry ice cream at food trucks (Coolhaus) in L.A., Austin, and New York.

  • Department of Energy Accepting Offers for 2013 Solar Decathlon Venue

    The U.S. Department of Energy is considering offers for a new site for the biennial competition.

  • Internet: Archi/Maps

    Add this blog to your list for inspirational photos of all things architectural, from a French student of architectural history.

  • Internet: Designers & Books

    A new website records book recommendations by architects and interior, landscape, and graphic designers, and allows visitors to create their own to-read lists.

  • Internet: You Are Listening To

    Listen to the sounds of a police radio feed layered over electronica to get the soundtrack of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Montreal.

  • Internet:

    A Google map for people to upload their own photos and stories of places.

  • Internet: Adobe Museum of Digital Media

    Adobe Systems has created an online-only museum for digital art. There's even a virtual building, too.