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  • Internet: Designers & Books

    A new website records book recommendations by architects and interior, landscape, and graphic designers, and allows visitors to create their own to-read lists.

  • Internet: You Are Listening To

    Listen to the sounds of a police radio feed layered over electronica to get the soundtrack of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Montreal.

  • Internet:

    A Google map for people to upload their own photos and stories of places.

  • Internet: Adobe Museum of Digital Media

    Adobe Systems has created an online-only museum for digital art. There's even a virtual building, too.

  • The Virtues of Socal Media

    New York designer Clodagh explains why her eponymous firm has ditched traditional marketing methods for Facebook and Twitter.


    A voter's guide to help architects understand the wide variety of approaches to a sustainable society.


    Why shouldn't your social network include the office building you work in?


    A young architect writes about advances in building products and materials science in a humorously informative way.


    The founders of Citiscope, a new online publication, hope to keep tabs on complex urban issues around the globe through serious, on-the-ground journalism.

  • A Research Gold Mine for Archigram Fans

    Although Archigram is best known for whimsy, the Archigram Archival Project reveals just how serious its six members were about architecture.