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More stories about LEDs

  • Citation: New York City Streetlight

    The Office for Visual Interaction, Thomas Phifer and Partners, and Werner Sobek bring beauty and efficiency to a ubiquitous fixture.

  • Château de Versailles’ First Contemporary and Permanent Installation

    A gravity-defined chandelier by Ronan and Erwan Boroullec at the King’s Grand Apartment honors the palace’s history through luxurious and luminous materiality.

  • A Star-Studded Building That Shines By Day and Night

    Using advanced digital and lighting technology, UNStudio created a dynamic façade that captivates the city of Wuhan, China, during the day and night.

  • LED Lamp Recalls

    Lamp recalls in the lighting industry are nothing new. As two recent LED lamp recalls show, technology hiccups are to be expected and manufacturers are taking the responsible steps to address the issue.

  • Vero Series, Bridgelux

    This series of LED arrays uses a chip on board design that delivers a high lumen density and precise control of the light distribution, according to the manufacturer

  • LMR2 LED Module, Cree

    Big things can come in very small packages.

  • Curl, Luceplan

    With a combined diffuser and light source in a distinctive configuration, this fixture can stand in various positions.

  • Aqueduct LED, Altmans

    This faucet signals a hot, cold, or lukewarm water temperature with colored light generated by LEDs.

  • Hood, Form Us With Love

    This luminaire does double duty as a sound dampener, making it ideal for open spaces.

  • 107 Suspension, Vode Lighting

    These LED fixtures were created with a Minimalist aesthetic by a California-based architectural lighting manufacturer.