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  • Parking-Lot Lighting System From Orion Energy Systems Inc.

    Orion Energy Systems Inc.’s parking-lot lighting system uses fluorescent lamps that reduce energy consumption by 50 percent or more while increasing light levels in comparison to highintensity- discharge lights used in most parking lots.

  • LED Intensity Can Be Controlled

    The Infrared OSTAR Lighting LED from OSRAM Opto is composed of six thin-film chips and a hemispherical lens, producing 3.5 watts of optical output power.

  • Understanding LED and CFL Technology

    There are more benefits than drawbacks to these quickly growing lighting technologies.

  • Fusion III From Chloride

    Fusion III, the newest addition to Chloride’s solid-state lighting family, has a slim ceiling recessed profile.

  • The Hi-Lume LED Driver From Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

    The Hi-Lume LED driver from Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. is a high-performance, universal voltage driver that provides LED dimming from 100 to 1 percent.

  • Screen Master LEDs From Cree

    Cree Inc. has released its new-generation, highbrightness Screen Master 4- and 5-mm oval LEDs in blue, green and red. The LEDs feature optically matched radiation patterns for superior image quality for digital billboards and full-color signs. Available in myriad intensities, the lights feature a...

  • Fluorescent Luminaires From Lamar Lighting

    Lamar Lighting’s Max-E high-performance recessed direct/indirect fluorescent luminaires maximize efficiency and output while maintaining low-glare aesthetic appeal.

  • MK1 Mercury-Free LED Tubes From Ilumisys

    MK1 mercury-free LED tubes feature optics, circuitry and thermal management to provide maximum light output with minimum power consumption.The lights replace standard T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes and can operate in existing fluorescent fixtures.

  • Green XLamp XR-E LEDs From Cree Inc.

    Green XLamp XR-E LEDs from Cree Inc. are 70 percent brighter than the company’s previous green power LEDs.

  • Innovations: October 2008

    These products will help achieve sustainability.