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  • Six Tasklights to Brighten Workspaces

    Fixtures from lighting manufacturers Artemide, Luceplan, Marset, and others use streamlined form factors to enhance desktop illumination.

  • Citation: New York City Streetlight

    The Office for Visual Interaction, Thomas Phifer and Partners, and Werner Sobek bring beauty and efficiency to a ubiquitous fixture.

  • Vero Series, Bridgelux

    This series of LED arrays uses a chip on board design that delivers a high lumen density and precise control of the light distribution, according to the manufacturer

  • Orient by Jo Hammerborg, Lightyears

    A classic modernist design from half a century ago sees new light.

  • Orient Pendant, Lightyears

    Created in 1963 for a Danish lighting company, this pendant continues to exude modern appeal.

  • Sconce, Bocci

    Set the mood outdoors with this subtle lighting sconce.

  • La Jolla LPL6, Auroralight

    Designed to last, this compact outdoor fixture proves bigger isn’t always better.

  • Steplight, Graypants

    A lighting studio in Seattle creates a versatile luminaire from recycled and scrap materials.

  • Curl, Luceplan

    With a combined diffuser and light source in a distinctive configuration, this fixture can stand in various positions.

  • Hood, Form Us With Love

    This luminaire does double duty as a sound dampener, making it ideal for open spaces.