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  • Market-Rate Multifamily

    As the U.S. inches toward economic recovery, the focus on luxury condo towers shifts to market-rate rental apartments.

  • Hancock Mixed-Use Housing

    Annual Design Review 2010: Live: Citation

  • One Madison Park

    Annual Design Review 2010: Live: Citation

  • Brays Crossing

    Annual Design Review 2010: Live: Award

  • Ellicott City & Columbia, Md.

    Although they represent different eras in Maryland's growth, Ellicott City and Columbia drive Howard County's economic and real estate development.

  • Hancock Lofts

    Koning Eizenberg's Hancock Lofts addresses L.A.'s biggest barrier to greater density, parking, by including it in the building design.

  • Shadowy Surrealism

    Two Arquitectonica-designed residential buildings along Biscayne Bay, the Babylon and the Atlantis, have suffered from the overcrowding that accompanied Miami’s housing boom.

  • 930 Poydras Street

    Few American cities embody “place” quite like New Orleans, where European, African, and Caribbean traditions are blended in a kind of cultural jambalaya.

  • A 'Vision Machine' for New York City

    Behind its veneer of chance, the unitized façade of Jean Nouvel's 100 11th Avenue is about ordered complexity.

  • New Carver Apartments

    Los Angeles–based architect Michael Maltzan’s design is as formally iconic as the cylindrical Capitol Records building, which makes the fact that it was built for one of L.A.’s neediest populations—the chronically homeless—even more surprising than the novel architectural expression.