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  • Studio: University of Miami

    On a perfect October day on the palm-studded University of Miami campus, Jaime Correa's students can be found deep inside a Bauhaus-by-way-of-South Florida 1940s studio block, trawling Google Earth for promising sites for a zero-energy town—the eventual o

  • Letter From Helsinki

    Public opinion plays a very important role in the Finnish capital's architectural planning.

  • Buckeye, Next 6 Exits

    Between 2000 and 2006, Arizona's Maricopa county gained nearly 700,000 new residents, making it the fastest-growing county in the united states. Its fastest-growing town, once a faded highway pit stop, is now a 25,000-person phoenix exurb—that could swell

  • Transbay May Lead to New San Francisco Skyline

    The San Francisco Planning Department has announced a new zoning proposal that would increase height allowances on several sites surrounding the proposed Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects-designed Transbay Terminal tower. Dubbed the Transit Center District Pl

  • The Urbanist: John Rahaim

    Interview with San Francisco's new chief planner.

  • Star Cities

    Famous architects are no longer just in the business of designing signature buildings. They are also increasingly functioning as megascale planners, hand in glove with the biggest developers in the world and with local municipalities, usually with both.

  • Water World

    How cities will adapt to the emergent threats of climate change—extreme storms, flooding, and rising sea levels.

  • The Steward: Robert Jones

  • Bozeman, Mont.

    A popular place to live, Bozeman has been struggling with how to preserve its past without limiting the possibility for growth.

  • Stan Allen Architect

    Urban expansion and development is occurring at lightning speed in Taiwan, and the Taichung Gateway Park master plan is a perfect example. The 620-acre site is being reclaimed from a former airport, a decommissioned air force base, and privately held agric