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  • Coalesse Freestanding Topo Collection

    Coalesse expands its Topo office system with freestanding components to add flexibility.

  • Shaw Contract Mix It Up

    Shaw's Mix It Up collection of carpet comes in broadloom and tile varieties.

  • Curtainwall Uses Recycled Aluminum

    Therml=Block 300ES Curtainwall from Tubelite Inc. is manufactured using Eco-Luminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally friendly finishes.

  • Tubelite Max/Block

    Tubelite’s Max/Block sunshades are now manufactured with EcoLuminum, a high-recycled-content aluminum billet composition with environmentally friendly finishes.

  • Vast Composite Landscape Pavers

    Using a blend of up to 95 percent recycled car tires and plastic containers, these pavers are suitable for large commercial hardscapes.

  • Charlotte Pipe RePVC

    PVC pipe that uses 100 percent recycled content as its center layer.

  • Cirqa Tiki Recycled Wallcovering

    This wallcovering has a tropical texture inspires by stone, beads, and natural reeds.

  • Finishes Are Eco-Friendly

    Tubelite Inc. now manufactures all of its architectural, extruded aluminum products with EcoLuminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition with environmentally friendly finishes.

  • Tile Has Recycled Content

    Urban Renewal by Crossville combines the beauty of real metal accent and trim pieces with a dimensional composite body to make it lightweight and easy to install.

  • Recycled Fibers Make Low-VOC Textiles

    KnollTextiles' Harmony Collection includes four styles featuring recycled content.