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  • Royal Smooth flushometer from Sloan Valve

    Provides automatic, infrared, adaptive sensing operation without the need for AC hookups or wall alterations

  • Toilet Integrates Sink

    Caroma has introduced the Profile Smart HET, which incorporates a sink into the lid of the toilet tank for increased water savings in the bathroom.

  • Urinals Realize Water Savings

    The High-Performance-Composite no-water urinals from Waterless Co. Inc. realize water savings of up to 45,000 gallons (170345 L) per year.

  • Swash Ecoseat From Brondell Inc.

    Brondell Inc.’s Swash Ecoseat is a battery-operated toilet seat with an integrated bidet that features adjustable water pressure for cleaning and push-button controls that reduce toilet-paper consumption. Other features include a contoured, heated seat; warm-air dryer; and personalized settings. It...

  • Sydney Low Profile Toilet From Caroma USA Inc.

    The Sydney Low Profile toilet from Caroma USA Inc. is designed for installations with space restrictions.

  • SOLIS Flushometers From Sloan Valve Co.

    Sloan Valve Co.’s solar-powered SOLIS Flushometers for water closets and urinals operate with photovoltaic technology.

  • Soybean Urinals From The Waterless Co. LLC

    The Waterless Co. LLC’s line of soybean urinals are made from 30 percent soybean resin. The urinals do not require any water.There is no difference in appearance, function or maintenance compared to other waterless urinals.(888) 663-5874 /

  • Hands Free Urinal From Zurn

    With hands-free operation, Zurn’s Z5798 ultra-low-consumption urinal system can accommodate 200,000 flush cycles.

  • The Prestigio 4 Toilet From Mansfield Plumbing

    The Prestigio 4 toilet from Mansfield Plumbing uses only 1.1 gallon (4 L) of water per flush and is operated by a pressure-assist, high-performance Sloan Flushmate IV flushing system.

  • Recharger 280 from Cultec

    Series of high-profile, higher-capacity chambers for septic and stormwater systems