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  • AEC-Focused High School Opens Its Doors to D.C. Students

    Created in a mere 14 months with help from local architecture and contracting groups, Phelps Architecture, Construction & Engineering High School aims to increase minority representation in the building professions.

  • Midcareer Choices: Making It As An Artist

    “I was never an architect's architect. I'm too impatient. I just can't wait around for years for a building to get built,” says New Orleans sculptor Laurel Porcari.

  • So, How am I Doing?

    Tips from an HR director on how to make performance reviews more useful and less painful.

  • Talking About Women in Architecture

    The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation and MoMA convene a panel to discuss how women fit in "the larger culture of architecture."

  • GSD Hosts Forum on Race and Architecture

    Panelists report on earlier spring symposia examining inequity in the profession

  • Gensler Promotes 21 to Principal

  • 0.2%

    The number of black women architects has quadrupled in 15 years. But four times a fraction of a percent doesn't amount to much.

  • Build Opportunity

    I wish we had a different motive for putting Raye McDavid on the cover of this month's ARCHITECT—say, because she's sparked a revolution in building technology, brokered a landmark business deal, or taken the aesthetics of her latest project to a whole new level.