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  • Discussing the New LACMA Design With Peter Zumthor

    Peter Zumthor is bringing his sizable talents—honed in the Swiss countryside—to Los Angeles with his controversial plan for LACMA. Christopher Hawthorne visits the architect on his home turf.

  • Looking Back at the Success of Harbor Point

    Harbor Point was failed public housing—until it was rebuilt as the nation's first mixed-income community by developer Joe Corcoran and architect Joan Goody. Twenty-five years later, what can we learn from this visionary project?

  • The Getty's Ambitious New Show Explores L.A. Modernism

    Pacific Standard Time attempts to unravel the complicated architectural legacy of Los Angeles. Is the city of eternal youth finally embracing its past?

  • Defender of the Faith

    Vittorio Garatti’s revolutionary ballet school in Cuba has sat unfinished for nearly 50 years. Now, as Norman Foster prepares for a major renovation, Garatti is trying to preserve his project’s legacy.

  • Unbuilt Washington

    The Architect of the Capitol surveys the city of Washington that almost was, in an exhibit at the National Building Museum.

  • The Rejection

    A journalist's novelistic take on ground zero doesn't add weight to the debate.

  • Dream Deferred

    Felix Salmon on MoMA's "Foreclosed" exhibit: long on art and short on reality.

  • Back to the Future

    Koolhaas and Obrist's history of how postwar Japanese Metabolists looked to the future of architecture.

  • Roman Candle

    The works of William MacDonald reveal as much about contemporary architecture as they do about ancient Rome.

  • Back to School

    OMA’s Milstein Hall reveals and relishes in the problem of creating architecture about architecture.