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  • The Complexities of a Pioneering Architect

    Harry Weese frequently demonstrated protean talent and ahead-of-the-curve thinking. But he suffered from self-destructive habits, too.

  • A Life Less Ordinary

    As told by Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic, the story of Norman Foster's rise from the streets of Manchester to the top of the design world is a worthwhile read.

  • Small Scale, Minor Letdown at the MoMA

    The Museum of Modern Art's new show, "Small Scale, Big Change," features worthy humanitarian efforts ... and a troubling hero complex.

  • Meeting Place

    Striving to capture the intangible—and the human—at the 12th Venice Architecture Biennale.

  • The Embodiment of the American Dream

    In form and function, the higher-education campus is the United States' greatest contribution to architecture and urban planning.

  • Hat Trick: The Centre Pompidou-Metz

    The new Centre Pompidou-Metz museum embodies Shigeru Ban's particular brand of low-tech innovation.

  • The Virtues, and Perils, of Design Thinking

    The latest panacea offered by the management-industrial complex is "design thinking," yet architects are mostly nonexistent in discussions about it.

  • The Evolving Debate Over Smart Growth

    Jeff Speck, co-author of the recently published "Smart Growth Manual," dissects New Urbanism's critics.

  • New Modesty? Not Really

    If the architecture of the next few years is subdued, it’s not because designers have decreed a new ethic.

  • Tough Love: In Defense of Brutalism

    The best concrete architecture of a few decades ago, once lauded, is now mostly viewed with scorn. Before we tear it down, we should consider what will be lost.