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  • Architecture Firms Experiment With Holograms

    As holograms become easier and cheaper to produce, they could give renderings, physical models, and other forms of visualization a run for their money.

  • Small Steps Toward Integrated Project Delivery

    As more architects are discovering, getting started with IPD does not require an all-or-nothing commitment. It's possible to test-drive an IPD workflow even if all parties aren't on board.

  • The Pros and Cons of Employee Ownership

    There are options when considering employee ownership of your architecture firm.

  • The Fee Conundrum

    Should you reduce your fees in the face of a recession, or do you have options?

  • Green on the Inside: Bailout offers host of incentives

    There's something for architects in that $700 billion bailout package, and it offers incentives for sustainable building and renewable energy.

  • The Next Generation

    Last November, at a press opening held at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas stood outside the architecture and design gallery chatting into his cell phone and staring detachedly into Yoshio Taniguchi's modernist atrium.