Nico van der Meulen Architects


  • Grove Street
    Randburg, Ferndale

    Johannesburg, Gauteng
    Nico van der Meulen, Owner and founder
    +27 (0)11 789 5242


  • Nico van der Meulen

Firm Description

Nico van der Meulen Architects focuses on designing innovative, luxurious homes, both contemporary and traditional, tailored to the tastes and needs of the client. The practice remains at the forefront of design by exploring new forms, pushing the boundaries and evolving with technology, without compromising on the authenticity of the design, aesthetics, materials and originality.


  1. House Sar

    House Sar

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  2. House The

    House The

    Johannesburg, Somalia

  3. House Serengeti

    House Serengeti

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  4. House Lam

    House Lam

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  5. House Duk

    House Duk

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  6. House Tat

    House Tat

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  7. Award Winning House Boz

    House Boz

    Pretoria, South Africa

  8. House Tsi

    House Tsi

    Pretoria, South Africa

  9. House Ber

    House Ber

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  10. House Abo

    House Abo

    Limpopo, South Africa

  11. House Sed

    House Sed

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  12. The Glass House

    The Glass House

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  13. House Eccleston

    House Eccleston

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  14. House Mosi

    House Mosi

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  15. House Duk

    House Duk

    Johannesbrg, South Africa

  16. House Ber

    House Ber

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  17. House Mat

    House Mat


  18. House Duk

    House Duk

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  19. House Brian

    House Brian

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  20. House in Moscow

    House in Moscow

    Moscow, Russian Federation

  21. House Bok

    House Bok

    Harare, ZIMBABWE

  22. House VDV

    House VDV

  23. House Bes

    House Bes


  24. Apartments in Kampala

    Apartments in Kampala

  25. House in Kinshasa

    House in Kinshasa


  26. House in Poortview

    House in Poortview


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