• Pictured here: Ecosurfaces from Ecore International.
    Pictured here: Ecosurfaces from Ecore International.
Under a new take-back program called ‘Redeux,” Ecore International customers can send back old or remnant recycled rubber and cork Ecore products for recycling in the company’s Lancaster, Penn., facility. The reclaimed material will be made into new flooring ,underlayments, and industrial products. Only Ecore products are eligible for reuse, and include ECOsurfaces commercial flooring, Everlast sports surfacing with Nike Grind, Everlast Contender, TRU, QT sound insulation, and Pavesafe.

To participate, customers much submit an application to have their materials accepted into the program. The application examines the amount of material that will be returned and whether it is free of foreign contaminants like stones, wood, concrete, or drywall. Once received at Ecore’s Lancaster plant, the material is sorted, shredded, cleaned, and ground for reuse. Full program requirements are online at ecoreintl.com.